What is YoWhatsApp APK? – YoWhatsApp Features


WhatsApp is the world’s most well-known application for instant messaging. With a billion plus users actively using Whatsapp, it’s one of the most downloaded applications on the smartphones in all platforms. Most of the functions are WhatsApp is simple and straightforward. Many users are not completely satisfied with its functions and seek some more additions to it’s platform. That’s the reason why some alternatives are popping up in the market frequently. WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Transparent, OGWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp are some of those. YoWhatsApp is trending in the recent times because of its exciting features. Let’s explore some of the cool features in YOWhatsApp APK.


What is YoWhatsAPP APK?


If you are a WhatsApp user and you got a geeky mind, you will definitely fall in love with YoWhatsApp APK. Though WhatsApp works seamlessly without any hassles, you may get bored as there is very less scope for customization. It’s the same user interface again and again and no one knows why WhatsApp do not release any themes or other customizations. If you are interested in something fresh and exciting with a new design, you must try YoWhatsApp as it allows the users to customize WhatsApp interface. You need not send and receive messages on the same old teal green interface any more. You can just change the interface of WhatsApp using YoWhatsApp APK.


It’s not just about customizing the user interface of WhatsApp. There is more to YoWhatsApp APK. Think YoWhatsApp as a modiefied version of the original WhatsApp. For example, one cannot install two WhatsApps on the same device. With the help of YoWhatApp you can use dual WhatsApp on the same smartphone. There are many other exciting features in YoWhatsApp which are worth exploring. Here are some of the cool features in YoWhatsApp APK.


Features in YoWhatsApp APK


There are lots of awesome features packaged well in YoWhatsApp APK. Even the hardcore WhatsApp loves would like to install YoWhatsApp once they come to know the tricks they can do using YoWhatsApp.


Privacy: WhatsApp is the one of the most secured instant messaging applications. Even the privacty aspect of WhatsApp is pretty strong. But there are small loopholes which are not liked by many WhatsApp users. For example, you cannot hide online status. Anyone can know whether you are online or not. With YoWhatsApp APK you can easily hide your online status. There are also some tricks to hide last seen for some specified contacts. You can play with second tick mark and blue tick mark as you wish. YoWhatsApp assures you complete privacy!


Security: The built-in App lock in YoWhatsApp comes handy in many occassions. WhatsApp do not come with any password or app lock. So anyone can open you WhatsApp once they crack the pattern or the PIN of your smartphone. With YoWhatsAPP you can just get rid of mediocre third-party app locks.


Customization: Though WhatsApp interface is pretty solid, it may be little boring for younger age groups. WhatsApp customization is at your fingertips with YoWhatsAPP. YoWhatsAPP on Android devices allows the users to change the themes and UI of the application. The default teal green theme can be changed into a rich blue theme.


Emojis: People are crazy about emojis. Emojis make the instant messaging interesting as they add feeling aspect to every message. YoWhatsApp comes with a new feature which adds the latest Emoji Packs including Android Oreo Emoji Pack. Emoji Changer variant is also there in the Emoji Packs which comes with YoWhatsApp APK.


Tricks: The tricks you can do using YoWhatsApp APK are endless. There are a few special features which are unbelievable to the traditional WhatsApp users. You can send an instant message to the contact which is not saved on your mobile phone. Isn’t it special?


File Restrictions: There are no file size restrictions when you are using YoWhatsApp. You can send more than hundred images up to 700 megabytes all at once without any file restrictions or errors. It’s definitely useful feature as many people would like to share pictures using WhatsApp.


Looks: Though there are many rich features in YoWhatsApp, the looks still count. It looks awesome and the customization is completely at your finger tips. There are dozens of themes which are artistic and beautiful.


We hope this post helped you to get an idea of what to expect from YoWhatsApp. Keep visiting this space as we post the instructions for downloading and installing YoWhatsApp on your smartphone.