Twitter is launching its new feature that allows Twitter users to create audio-only broadcasts directly from Twitter, as well as in the Twitter’s Periscope.



To use the new “audio-only broadcast” feature, Twitter users have to update their app and go to “go live” button on the compose screen.

This feature was confirmed by the CEO of Twitter – Jack Dorsey through his tweet. The feature is currently available only for iOS users, and its also available on Twitter’s Periscope.

Now instead of going only for “live” where both video and audio are recorded, there’s a button where you pick audio-only broadcast.

Summary and other announcements

This feature was earlier seen in the beta testing but after Jack’s tweet, with the app update log it indicated and confirmed that this feature rolled out to all.

Twitter also confirms that the feature is currently available only on the iOS and Periscope platforms for the time being. The release of this features for other platforms is not yet declared.

For the time the users of iOS and Periscope can able to use the audio-only broadcast feature, while all users of Twitter will be able to see and listen to the recordings and play them back.

This feature is also confirmed by Twitter as they tweeted about this feature on their own account, as well.

The update text explains that this feature is valuable or useful for those who want their viewers to hear them instead of seeing them. This can allow people to record live news on Twitter of audio-only nature, can record shareable podcasts or post something for their followers easily by speaking instead of writing about more than 200 words to explain.

This feature is same as the “live” feature where audio broadcasters will be to see the live recording, can view a live number of people viewing, replay viewers, total time watched and all other metrics.

The company is planning to share this news through an official Twitter Engineering blog post very shortly.