What is Kodi

Kodi is an open source software for streaming media content like movies, music, TV shows, live sports etc. It’s specifically designed for the watching the media around the home. It has definitely made its mark as a great home entertainment provider. It was first known as Xbox Media Player when it was launched way back in 2002. XMBC Foundation renamed the service as Kodi in 2014.


Kodi is packed with lots of exciting features such as amazing add-ons, active customer support, easy and customizable interface etc.   But are there any real alternatives for Kodi? Are they as good as Kodi which runs across all the popular platforms like Windows? Mac OS and Linux? It seems to be yes. There are a few alternatives which are as good as Kodi. Let’s dive in and explore the best alternatives for Kodi.





Price: Free and there is a paid subscription for extra features which costs $5 per month.


Emby is also an open-source media centre like Kodi. It’s easy to stream the locally saved media across all the devices which are connected to the network. Like Kodi, it’s built on the client-server approach which works seamlessly in providing entertainment around the home. Live TV and ability to manage the recordings from DVRs are some other exciting features in Emby. There are some inbuilt tools to search for the subtitles and to edit metadata. The best part is it has also got a Kodi add-on which brings all the Library management features of Kodi to Emby. It supports media streaming to all the DLNA compatible devices also. As it is still new, there is a lot of work to be done to make it look as polished as Kodi.


Terrarium TV


Price: Free


Terrarium TV is basically an Android app for movie enthusiasts and TV show lovers. It also allows you to download and watch the media content across all your devices. They are all available in 1080 p high definition, and you can access them without paying a dime. When it comes to playback, it’s intuitive, good quality and seamless. Its minimalistic interface is very easy to understand and provides an excellent platform for watching the media content. The unique thing in Terrarium TV is you can stream the videos from Google Video or Google Drive privately. The info about the media content for all the movies and TV series is quite informative.




Price: Free and there is a paid subscription for exclusive features which costs $5 per month.


It’s probably the most popular media centre after Kodi, and it is widely considered as the best alternative for Kodi. It is packed with tons of amazing features. Just like Kodi, you can stream all the locally stored media content across multiple devices like setup boxes, smartphones and tablets over the Wireless network. The user interface is simple and lets you manage the library without any issues. The client-server architecture enables you to stream the media content from any device without any hassles. The best thing about Plex is it runs smoothly on the computers with lower configurations and consumes lesser bandwidth. The premium version has got some more features like wireless syncing of pictures and movie trailers etc. Plex is definitely worth trying if you are looking out for the Kodi alternatives.





Price: Free


OSMC (Open Source Media Center) is a versatile media centre like aKOdi. It’s been around for years and includes all the essential features like local media streaming, live TV, TV tuner support and many others. The beautiful thing about OSMC is it supports most of the Kodi add-ons. So, you don’t miss anything when you are using OSMC. The gorgeous radial home screen menu helps you to access all the features in the media centre. Though OSMC looks simple at first glance, it is as versatile as Kodi media centre.


Media Portal


Price: Free


Media Portal is a powerhouse when it comes to streaming video and audio content across all the devices. Though it is not as popular as the other media centres, it has some great features like DVR recording, Blu-ray disc playback etc. Nothing beats Media Portal when it comes to the compatibility with different kinds of TV tuner cards. You can schedule the TV program, record it and watch it later without any troubles. You can tune into tons of radio stations seamlessly. There are few exciting plug-ins which adds more features like streaming YouTube videos, live sports scores while streaming other stuff etc.