Here in the year 2018, the RAM of your Android power phone has become a huge factor. All of the android users face compatibility issues and other issues like lagging due to the low amount of RAM on their phone. Unlike an iPhone, an Android is not at all optimized for most of its apps which is available in the Google Play Store.

If you have an old phone and not want to upgrade to a new phone, you can always choose to increase your RAM using the available secondary storage that you have, such as the Memory card or the SD card of your phone. This is especially effective when you have a lower end device and want to increase the RAM of the Android Phone.

Today, here in this Article we are going to talk about the ways on how to increase the RAM of your low-end Android Device laying around and use the most of it like a pro. With the help of this article all of your problems are going o get solved, so let’s get started.

Also, don’t forget to read the whole article until the end to know how you can successfully increase your Android phone RAM without much hassle.

How to Increase Android RAM

If you have a very low-end phone with super less amount of rams like 1 GB or even 512MB running old Android version of Operating Systems like Cupcake, Doughnut or Jelly Bean, then you must have felt the pain of the lag and slow phones.

The problem

Even if your Operating system is a little less new, for example, the Kit Kat or the Lollipop, still you cannot play the latest games due to the low amount of RAM that you have. Even after having 32 of Storage and Android Kitkat, your phone can hang while using Facebook, because Facebook App eats a lot of RAM wich your phone does not has.

But no worries, because we have got the cure of all the problems that you are currently facing. Now you can play high-end graphical games without crashing or even lagging your device because of the increased RAM inside the phone. The process is very easy, and you need a spare memory card to insert into your secondary storage to get started right away. So today we are going to share some of the best working methods on How to Increase Android phone RAM.

The Best Methods to Increase Android RAM

Currently, there is just one easy method to perform straight away. The technique is thoroughly tested, and is completely free and works like a charm. With the help of this one method to Increase RAM in your Android Smartphone, you can now do the very same without the need of buying a whole new phone. You can now easily increase the RAM of your old low-end device running old Android Operating System.

In the first process, we are going to use an app which we are going to download from Google Play Store and increase our Android Mobile RAM using the unused space that we have in our phone’s SD card.
Method: Increase Android Phone RAM using the APP
The very first method we are going to look after is going to be the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander APP. Using this helpful app, we can efficiently use our Extra Storage in SD Card as Virtual RAM as a result extending the RAM. Let’s see how to do it.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your Android Phone
Step 2: Search for “ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER (SWAP)” in the Play Store
Step 3: Find and install the app on your phone
Step 4: Open the app to increase your RAM using available storage.

Things to Note Before Extending the RAM

To go through the process, you must have an SD card in your phone, along with at least 4 GB of RAM to be on the safe side. With the help of this app, you can SWAP up to 4 B of your Memory Card (SD Card) as your Virtual RAM.

Also Note: This trick is supposed to work in most cases, but it also may make your phone or Memory Card malfunction, so we recommend you take backups of your necessary documents inside your Memory Card for safety.