In this world of multimedia, the internet is a daily need. And for the sake of connectivity, it is essential to stay connected with the world via the internet. But sometimes your data may get exhausted, and there is no way to recharge your mobile number. And that time, there is no way by which you can stay connected to the outer world.

This is where Airtel comes in..

Thanks to the Airtel Easy Share you can conveniently transfer your data in your airtel prepaid mobile number to another person with an Airtel prepaid mobile number. This is indeed one of the best features thrown to its users by Airtel.

How to Share Airtel 3G/4G Data with others


Now, we are going to tell you the step by step process by which you can share the internet with your family and friends from your Airtel Prepaid SIM card. But before that, note that it is a must to have Airtel Prepaid SIM for everyone with whom you want to share data. The Terms and Conditions are given Below for the two methods.

Please make sure to read them before sharing your Airtel 2G/3G data with other mobile numbers and since you are well aware of this now, let’s get started with the process.

To get started we are going to log in and add our family or friends as members to share our Airtel prepaid 3G/4G data balance.

  1. Step A1: Dial *129*101# or give the official Airtel website a visit at
  2. Step A2: Now Login to the website by entering your airtel prepaid mobile number and later by entering the OTP when asked.
  3. Step A3: After successfully logging in you can now proceed to Add Members

If the above method did not work for you, then you can follow these steps below which includes downloading the My Airtel App.
[You can skip B1, B2, B3, B4, and B5 if the above method worked]

  1. Step B1: Download the My Airtel App from the Play Store/App Store
  2. Step B2: Now login within the app by entering your Airtel Prepaid Number
  3. Step B3: Enter the OTP which is going to come in your mobile number to successfully log in.
  4. Step B4: Tap on the Left Side Menu bar once you have logged in.
  5. Step B5: Once you have done that, proceed to choose the family share option.

Now, once you have logged in to the portal and discovered the place from where you can add members to share your data with, go ahead adding the members by following the steps below.;

  • Step C1: Add your family member(s) or friend(s) to your plan by entering their phone numbers in the provided boxes.
  • Step C2: An OTP is going to get generated and sent to the phone number that you have provided just now.
  • Step C3: Ask your family member(s) or friend(s) to verify the process via SMS.

If you have completed till this part, then it is sure that now you can share your data with the people that you have added just now, pretty conveniently.

Terms and Conditions

Now, there are some of the terms and conditions that you are required to go through carefully to understand the possibilities and limitations of this feature, so please go through the terms and conditions now. If you want to, you can always read the full Terms and Conditions on the Airtel website.

Now you can add airtel prepaid mobile number with whom you want to share your data via your airtel prepaid mobile number.
You are allowed to add up to 4 airtel prepaid mobile number(s) to the list.
When the shared data balance reaches thresholds of 100 MB, 50 MB and 10 MB, 0 MB, SMS warning alerts will be sent to all members of the family.
Before sharing the data, it is mandatory to add the mobile number as your member via the given methods.
You can further add your member in two ways, one being the online method (which is already stated above) and another is by sending an SMS to the number given below.

  • Step D1: Write the word “share” and send it to “121”.
  • Step D2: After doing this, they are going to send you a big message with all the instructions on what to do next.
  • Step D3: If you want to view the current members of your airtel prepaid data sharing list then you can send the word “view” to the same number 121.
  • Step D4: Now, to add a new airtel prepaid mobile number to your list send ADD<space><10 DIGIT AIRTEL PREPAID MOBILE NUMBER> and send it to the same number at 121.
  • Step D5: Now, to delete an existing airtel prepaid mobile number from your list send DEL<space><10 DIGIT AIRTEL PREPAID MOBILE NUMBER> and send it to the same number at 121.
  • Step D6: Once you have added a number successfully n the list, you can confirm it by sending the word “view” to the 121 again.

Now once you have confirmed the addition of the new member to the list, you can flawlessly share your airtel prepaid mobile data conveniently.