Is HostGator Good? Hostgator Review:

Pros and Cons – 2018

HostGator is one of the popular and most successful hosting companies in the world. No matter whether it is basic hosting or WordPress Cloud hosting, Hostgator made its mark positively on the webmasters. It hosts more than 8 million websites and guarantees a 99.9% uptime which is remarkable. With exciting features like 24/7 support and one-click WordPress installation etc, Hostgator stands as one of the smart choices a webmaster can make to host his website. We have rounded the pros and cons of Hostgator and we hope that this Hostgator Review will let you know more about Hostgator web hosting.

Pros of HostGator Web Hosting


Though there are many hosting companies which are offering web hosting services for minimal costs, HostGator must be really appreciated for consistently offering low renewal pricing for years. HostGator coupons like 1cent hosting for the first month are very popular among the newbie webmasters.

99% Uptime

HostGator claims that it offers 99.9% uptime. But truth to be told, no web hosting company can offer 99.9% uptime. The number is a bit exaggerated. But you can expect at least 99.6% uptime from HostGator. Many tests conducted by experienced webmasters proved that HostGator is providing 99.6% uptime consistently.


Customer Support

Hostgator stands on its promise of 365 days 24 x 7 customer support. Their support team delivers all the time. They answer all the simple and complex questions. However, it takes an hour for that chat assistant to attend your query at the busy hours. It would be really good if they reduce the waiting time for their customers.

Quick Install Features

Setting up a website is not an easy task. It takes hours and hours of effort to launch a website successfully. HostGator provides QuickInstall scripts for all the popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. So, you can get started super quickly with the help of those scripts.


Cons of HostGator web hosting

Windows-based VPS hosting

HostGator do no offer Windows-based VPS hosting which is a shame. Scalability is one of the things one must consider before choosing a web hosting for their website. If there is any scope for improvement for HostGator, it is Windows-based VPS hosting.


Response Times

Customer Care response time has been increasing in the recent times which surely frustrates the customers. We cannot let our site to be down for so much time. Customer support used to be on the spot a couple of years back.


BackUp Restore Charges

HostGator is the go-to option for many new webmasters because of it’s cheap pricing. However, there are many upsells. One of them it backup restore charges. Few other good hosting companies are offering a free restore.


Wrapping up…

Overall, HostGator has its own pros and cons like any other hosting service. However, one has to go through all the pros and cons to make a right decision to host their website. Hostgator also provides many other excellent features like free website migration service for new customers. If you are interested in purchasing the HostGator web hosting, spend some time in searching for the coupons and you’ll surprise to see the lowered price after discounts!