How to Use PS3-Controller on Android?

The advancement in mobile gaming is tremendous and it’s no surprise that millions of gamers around the globe are now interested in pairing their devices with the controllers. PS3 or PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular gaming controllers in the market for many years.  Most of the gamers who own the new consoles do not even care to use the older ones. Pairing setup takes some time and it has its own kind of legwork. Of course, once you got it paired, it’s all going to be seamless with PS3. You might have seen many tutorials on how to pair your PS3 controller with PC. But there are only a few good tutorials on how to pair the  PS3 controller with the Android devices. Basically, there are a couple ways to pair your Android device with a PS3 controller. But we suggest you the best solution as the difficulty is moderate. Follow this tutorial completely to pair a PS3 controller to your Android phone or tablet.


Solution 1: Using Sixaxis Controller (Root Required)

Though this solution is compatible with most of the Android devices in the market, there are some issues reported when using it with HTC and Samsung devices.

Note: You must root your Android device to be able to pair it with the PS3 controller using this method.

Things you need

  • Rooted Android phone
  • PS3 Controller
  • Windows PC
  • OTG or On The Go USB adapter
  • Mini USB cable.


Sixaxis Controller is the go-to app for those looking to pair their PS3 controller and Android mobile device. In terms of pairing apps, it has the widest range of compatible devices.

Sixaxis Controller is one of the most popular apps used by the gamers to pair the PS3 controller to Android tablets and mobile phones. It’s simple and compatible with almost all the Android devices in the market today. Rooting is required for the perfect functioning of this app. Please take care while you are rooting the Android device as it may void the warranty completely. Also, remember that rooted Android devices are vulnerable to malware and security threats.

Step 1: Compatibility Checkup

Sixaxis is a paid app. You must pay $2.5 to be able to download and use it. So, it’s better to check its compatibility with your Android device before purchasing the app. Check the compatibility with the Sixaxis Compatibility Checker. Press or tap on the ‘Start’ button to check the compatibility. This app also helps you to know whether your Android device is rooted or not.

It also informs you of the Bluetooth address of your phone. Copy or note it as you may need to use it later steps.

Step 2: Get Ready with the Controller.

You must also check whether your PS3 controller is compatible with the Sixaxis Controller app. Download the tool called “Sixaxis Pair Tool” on your PC and install it as per the instructions available on the official website of Sixaxis.

Note: You must “Run it as administrator” to install the tool.

There are MacOS, Linux and Windows versions of Sixaxis Pair Tool. Download the Windows version.

It’s a simple tool which provides the Bluetooth Address of your PS3 controller. You’ll see a text box which allows you to edit the master device. Enter the phone’s Bluetooth address there and click on “Continue“. Now, the tool installs all the required drivers on your computer.

Step 3: Pairing

Now, as the primary checkups are done, it’s super easy to pair the PS3 controller with Sixaxis app. Just ensure that superuser permissions are granted for the app before starting to pair.

Press the “Start” button. Sixaxis app performs a couple of checks to verify the drivers.

Once it is done, tap on the “Pair Controller“. Now, you’ll see that the PS3 controller’s master address is your phone’s Bluetooth address. It means that the pairing is successful and you’ll see that “Client1 is connected” in the dialogue box.

Note: If you do not see “Client is connected“, it means that there is a problem with the drivers you installed. Install the drivers again to rectify the issue.

Now, your PS3 controller is paired with the Android device. You can now be able to navigate your smartphone using the PS3 controller. Enjoy the games from Google PlayStore using your PS3 controller.