How to Use a 3D Pen?

The 3D pen is like a small sized handheld 3D printer. The 3D printer is usually guided by a software to print different shapes. Whereas 3D pen printer head is guided by your hand. The 3d pen works by heating and melting small plastic elements and extrudes out the molten plastic from the extruder tip. There are basically two steps involved in the functioning of the 3D pen. Firstly, the internal area of it is heated up until it crosses the melting point of the filament. Secondly, the extruder propels out the plastic before it solidifies. It just works like a hot glue gun.

How to Use a 3D Printer Pen?


  • Working with 3D pens is interesting and fun. To start your fun ride with 3D pens, you have to set it up first. Follow the instructions below to set up your 3D pen.


  • Insert the PLA or ABS plastic filament into your pen. Make sure that the plastic material you are using is pure and of good quality. Ensure that it is a smoothened plastic or else it obstructs the flow due to friction.


  • Switch on your 3D pen and wait for a minute or two so that it warms up. Choose the perfect temperature at which the plastic filament melts to the proper consistency.


  • Use the arrows, increase or decrease the speed at which the plastic flows out of the propeller. Now you can draw the shapes you want.


  • To change the colour, push the buttons on the bottom of the pen. Note that the 3D pens take little time to change colour. It prints out the old colour and slowly blends from the old colour to a new colour.


What are the uses of 3D pen?


3D printers are used by many inventors and artists around the globe to manifest their imagination. There are numerous ways in which you can use the 3D pens. They can be used for decorative and repair purposes. Designers and articles will fall in love with them once they start using them. Here are some of the uses of 3D pens.


  • Jewelry and ornaments.
  • Personalized designs and arts for mobile phone covers, laptops and other tech gadgets.
  • Interior decors
  • Basic 3D shapes and models.


There are many others ways one can use 3D printer pens. It’s all about the creativity. 3D pens or 3D printers are capable of envisioning anything. Of course, it needs some practice to get a grip over the functioning of the 3D pen. One can use them to add decors and repair the objects which we use everyday.



How to Select the Best 3D Pen?


There are few things which you need to look at while selecting a 3D pen. From last few years, hundereds of 3D printer pen models have bombarded the market. It’s obviously tough to decide on one when you have hundereds of options. Here’s the brief guide to choose the best 3D printer pen for you.


  1. Speed and Sharpness: Ejection speed is one of the core mechanisms of the 3D pen. The power of 3D pen is dependant on how fast it is to eject the plastic filament. You should check the speed before deciding on puchasing a 3D pen. There are many models in market where the sharpness is distorted, especially in the low cost models. Speed is the most important factor which determines the quality of your design. Speed also helps to create different kinds of designs. You need a 3D pen with good ejection speed to showcase your skills as a designer.


  1. Consistency : Consistency and sturdiness of 3D pens is vital factor. You need a 3D pen which works consistenly and reliably. Most of the cheaper models in the market fail to work when you need them the most. Go for a 3D pen from the branded manufacturers. It’s always good to refer the online reviews before making a puchase.


  1. Ergonomics: World has recongnized the importance of ergonomics in tech gadgets. No matter how efficient your 3D pen is, if it is not comfortable in your hand, what’s the point? Ergonomic design is an essential part of a good 3D pen. 3D pens are used by designers and artists. It must sit comfortably in their hands to let them make their creative designs.