Thesis 2.0 Box – iOS Favicon uploader (it’s Free!)

Thesis 2.0 Box – iOS Favicon uploader (it’s Free!) post image

Did you know there’s a way for you to be able to display your favicon when ever a user saves your website to their homescreen(s).

Yes, your favicon can take pride and place alongside all those other App Icons on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

And this is important in today’s increasingly mobile world…

Being in tune with your mobile user is more than having a responsive website – why settle for the default (and ugly) default iOS ‘screenshot’ icon of your site when you can look awesome?

After all, if someone takes the time to bookmark your site to one of their homescreens, it’s kinda nice to treat them to a nice n’ pretty icon don’t you think?

Welcome to our iOS Favicon Uploader Thesis 2.0. Box…

Download it here, now ↓

This box alows you to upload a custom iOS Favicon in a jiffy – all you need is a .png file of your favicon measuring 114px x 114px.

You don’t even have to add the bevelled corner effect or the gloss effect – Apple do all this for you!

Here’s how it’s done!

1) Upload the box (here’s how if you don’t already know). Make sure the iOS Favicon Box is ticked, and you’ve "saved boxes".

Go to “Site" in the Top Thesis Menu and choose "HTML Head" from it’s dropdown.

2) Hold [shift] click+drag the iOS Favicon Box in the right-hand side of your page to the Head section at the top-left. Then drag it down around mid-way – just below the regular Favicon box is fine.

3) Click on the "cog" Icon to bring up the Uploader… Choose your image, upload, then close the pop-up window.

:!: IMPORTANT: Don’t add any effects to your image such as bevelled corners, gloss, drop-shadows, etc – Apple does all this for you!

4) Click "Save HTML Head"… That’s it! (simple eh?) Your site now boasts a custom iOS Favicon (which puts you in the über-cool minority :cool: )

Easy hey?…

Download iOS Favicon Uploader for Thesis 2.0. here

For feedback, support, thanks and ‘you sucks’…

Holler in the comment section below! Thanks, hope you enjoy :)

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