How to upload a Thesis 2 Box – a Noobs Guide

How to upload a Thesis 2 Box – a Noobs Guide post image

Thesis Boxes add Awesome Sauce to the already awesome Thesis 2 Framework for WordPress.

Think of them like Plug-ins that you can position anywhere on your site. They can really push open the boundaries for non-coders to add some rather spectacular functionality to their website!

A full list of available Thesis 2 Boxes can be found at the Thesis Skin Directory →

So how do you install a Thesis 2.0 Box? Here’s the walk-through…

1. Go to the Thesis Menu from your WordPress Dashboard and click [Select Boxes]

2. Click [Upload Box] (simple eh? ;-) )

3. Click the Browse Button

4. Navigate to where your Thesis 2.0 Box is located (make sure it’s still .zipped). Select it and hit [Enter] (or double-click, or click the 'open' button located in the bottom-left of your screen)

5. Click "Add Box" (told you this was simple). Once uploaded, close the pop-up window by clicking the (X) in the top-right corner

6. Your Box is now uploaded. To activate it for use, make sure it’s check-box is ticked and you click the “Save Boxes” button.

Your box is now locked and loaded and ready for action! KerPow!! 8-)

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