Nude960 a FREE Thesis 2.0 Skin

Nude960 a FREE Thesis 2.0 Skin post image

Skin My Thesis are pleased to offer you our first FREE Skin for the Thesis 2.0. Framework!

Nude960 is a ‘vanilla’ framework, suitable for Thesis Developers and those happy to dig into some light code.

It’s aim is to provide a quick and easy starting point for some Full-width Pimping! Also under the hood is browser and OS identification, some old school Thesis markup and a punnet of Widget areas!

Here’s the bullet points…

  • Full Width with a 960gs Baked In
  • Full Width Feature Box on Home Page
  • CSS Targetable Browser & OS Detection
  • Integrated ‘Export’ Skin Option
  • Free for Commercial & Personal Projects

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It’s forking free!!

Whether your next project is commercial or personal, Feel free to fork and use to your advantage!

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  • mmacgilli

    Awesome skin. It has survived the upgrades for 2.01, 2.02, 2.03 & 2.031. Do you plan some extra goodies for your skin in the future?

    • Rich

      Pleased you like it! Indeed there this more to come! First up – this very skin will be made leaner and meaner in version 2

      …and there is also a responsive version coming too! All in about a week or so! Stay tuned! And thank you for your comment! :)

      • Joe

        I’m heavily involved in ripping apart your skin..sorry that sounded too awful and didn’t come out the way I intended..second try:

        I’m loving the 960 grid based skin and look forward to having the updated and more documentation or tips or tricks…

        What I have worked with ..I’m liking it..way to go sir!

      • Sharon Beck

        I find the skin very useful. Thank you for creating it. I hope there will be update soon so it can work in 2.1 will be very soon.

        One suggestion: Please create a breakpoint for 320px and below for smartphones.

        Thanks for a fantastic skin.

  • Keith Jones


    Thanks for the email, that Nude 960r Skin is not compatible with Thesis v2.1. Glad to hear you are working on new frameworks for 2.1.

    I am going to sit back until Thesis is finalised before I change my site.