Free Thesis 2 Social Media Buttons Box

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This snazzy little box allows you to place a facebook ‘like’ button along with a tweet button quickly and easily anywhere within your Thesis 2 Template.

This is a FREE plug-in which will be continually updated in the future.

Download Social Media Buttons Lite Here

How to use

1. Go to your Thesis Main Menu in the Dashboard Options and select Boxes → Select Boxes

2. Click on the upload box button
3. Choose your box (note the file is still zipped/compressed) and double-click (or hit enter or click the usual ‘open’ button in the bottom-hand corner of your screen.
4. Once uploaded you’ll get a window saying all went well (hopefully!). Close it by clicking the (x).Click the ‘check‘ button of your uploaded box and hit ‘Save Boxes
5. Now we’re rolling! Head into your skin editor and select your Social Buttons LiteBox from the drop-down menu.

You’ll be prompted to give it a name. Name it e.g. After Headline Buttons.

Remember, you can have multiple instances of these boxes, so you can have one at the top and at the bottom of your post-box.

6. In the usual fashion, hold shift, click and drag your box into the position you wish your buttons to appear within your template. Once in place, click the ‘cog‘ symbol
7. Enter your twitter user-name into the box provided Do not add the preceding ‘@’ symbol.
8. Close the box and hit the Save Template button
9. You’re done!! Head over to your site and you’ll see your buttons in place. They grab the title of your page to use as the message body and automatically insert the url and your twitter handle.

Get this box here (it's free)

Feedback, Questions, Thanks and Trolls…

Please use the comment section so all can benefit! Thanks :)

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  • Reese

    Love it! Thank you for such a much needed Thesis box. I’m adding it to my list tomorrow.

    The twitter handle functionality is killer, too.

    I would love to see Google Plus and LinkedIn. Also, the ability to choose sizes (large button vs medium button). I would pay for it and I’m sure there would be others that would see the value as well.

    Thanks again.

    • Rich

      Hi Reese. Thank you for your comment. I actually came very close to including Linkedin (which will definitely feature in future releases) with this one but just decided to ship it with twitter and facebook initially and gauge reaction.

      DIY Themes are also set to issue a Social Media Box in the near future – I’m waiting to see what’s on offer with theirs before deciding on which direction to take this box in (it will continue, I just don’t see the point in offering the same! :) )

      Thanks again,


  • Adolfo

    Thanks for this work i ned Social Media Buttons in my pages with thesis.. I’ll see

  • WPStuffs

    Thanks Richard for this simple Thesis box… I have added to my Free Thesis box list.

  • Rene


    I am currently testing your box, its really nice.
    Is it possible that you add the possibilty to give it a css class so you can reposition the box?
    Kind regards

    • Rich

      Hi Rene

      Thank you for your comment. Yes the next version of this box will accomodate custom IDs and Classes and will come with it own CSS Package allowing a variety of options. I’m starting to write it this week and will likely take about a fortnight at least (it’s gonna be packed to the brim with awesomness!! :)

  • PCdigger

    Thanks for posting this Rich..its going straight away to my Free Thesis box list. Thanks again :)

  • Chris

    Hey, this is cool. Loving thesis 2.0 :) Thanks!

  • sagbeec

    Thank you. Its really nice. But was looking for linkedin, google + icons too there. :)